Have I embarrassed myself? Will I die on this hill?

In case anyone’s seen the latest interview with Daniel Portman aka Podrick Payne, and wondering how I feel about his answers: I’ve seen it. I have ideas. I’m withholding those ideas in the interest of not embarrassing myself. 

In case anyone hasn’t seen the interview and wondering what I’m talking about: he hasn’t told us anything about where Podrick went with that axe. He hasn’t answered any other of my questions, either, but those questions aren’t really his responsibility, so that’s fine. We still don’t know what Podrick was doing in the finale.

Also, if you haven’t ordered it already, you should totally get the Season 5 DVD set, and you should absolutely listen to the audio commentary track of Episode 2, with Gwen, Nik and Daniel Portman. They’re so, so funny together. I was worried it would be mostly just Nik and Gwen having fun together and Dan not getting a chance to say anything, but really it’s just the opposite. It’s mostly Gwen and Dan having fun together and trying to keep Nik in the action, but he keeps getting left behind. They don’t give us anything we don’t already know, but even so, they’re hilarious.