Deleted scene from Season 5: Jaime and Bronn in ship’s hold

There are four deleted scenes in the Season 5 DVD set. Two of them, one between Missandei and Grey Worm and one between Tormund Giantsbane and Alliser Thorne, are basically just telegraphing what’ll happen later. One, between Daario and Grey Worm, is just Daario being a pig. I can see why that one was cut. Then there’s the one with Jaime and Bronn in Episode 4, as they’re sailing to Dorne, which gives us a little bit that didn’t show up in the televised version.

Bronn is sharpening his sword blade.

Jaime comes downstairs.

Jaime: “That’s it?”

Bronn: “That’s it.”

Jaime: “The blade won’t last unless you give it more oil. Especially in the humid climate.”

Bronn: “Why do I give a shit if the blade lasts?”

Jaime: “Well it’s the tool of your trade!”

Bronn: “I’m the tool of my trade. Weapons, armor, lucky underclothes, I don’t get attached. Bad idea in my sort of work. Once saw a fellow in the Stormlands run back onto the battlefield for his favorite sword. Caught an arrow in the eye for his trouble.”

Jaime: “You’d feel differently about it if you’d ever had a real sword.”

Bronn: “Right. It’s always different with true quality.”

Jaime: “Everyone who can’t afford quality thinks quality is a myth.”

Bronn: “Well, Your Richness, seems to me like I was pretty damn close to affording quality before you came along. Seemed like I’d taken up residence in my own castle.”

Jaime: “A man like you? Six months into a life of leisure and you’d hang yourself from boredom. Trust me, this is far better.”

Bronn: “That’s easy for you to say. I never had a life of leisure. I was looking forward to starting one.”

Bronn tosses his knife into a sack of grain.

I had wondered, just a bit, whether Bronn was at all resentful of Jaime for taking Lollys and her castle away from him. Seems he is. The rest of the season made it seem like Bronn was totally understanding and well-adjusted about Jaime drafting him into the scheme to rescue Myrcella, but he is a bit resentful. He really wanted his noble bride. So, Jaime had better follow through on his promise to get him a better bride with a better castle. Or else maybe Bronn won’t be such a reliable ally?