We’re all pretty sure we know, but we keep asking for answers.

I will be so incredibly relieved when we finally see the part in Season 6 when Jon Snow comes back. Not because I’ll be so happy to see him (although I do expect to join my fellow Throners in a GIF Party on Twitter), but because that’s when we can finally stop talking about “whether” Jon is coming back, as if we haven’t already figured it out.

Oh, and while we’re at it, I’ll also be extremely relieved if they show Stannis’s headless body in the first episode, because maaaaaaaaybe then, the Stannis stans will finally grieve for their fallen king and stop insisting he’s not dead.

I’m sure there’ll be some other absurd idea for everyone to bat around by that point. If nothing else, there’s still Cleganebowl and Lady Stoneheart hype. But it’ll be such a weight off my GoT-nerd shoulders when we can stop pretending Jon’s resurrection is anything but inevitable.