Who isn’t in the trailer?

Okay, now that I’ve allowed my Tuesday afternoon to become a state of emergency, taken a fresh heap of screenshots, written up a substantial piece for FanSided, made a fool of myself on Twitter, and also performed a bit of self-embarrassment here, it’s time to do that thing where I note the missing faces because I think it makes me clever.

There’s no sign of anyone from Dorne, which makes sense, as I think the good people at HBO are now aware that Dorne was a shit show. We’ll see more of it in the season, but they’re not going to devote valuable promotional space to showing us Bad Pussy. We do see a ship with the Martell sigil on its sails, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the ship that brings Jaime back to the Red Keep with Myrcella’s corpse. There’s no sign of Trystane Martell.

I noted in the last post that there’s no sign of Podrick, and that also makes sense, as he’s a minor character, but I also don’t see Bronn or Varys.

The Tyrells are really underrepresented here. We get a couple of shots of Margaery, and we get a distant view of Mace, though we can’t tell it’s Mace from the picture. (I know it’s Mace because I followed the filming leaks.) There’s no sign of Loras or Olenna.

It’s weird that we only get one shot of Tyrion. There’s nothing at all of Grey Worm or Missandei. No close-up of Daario.

Nothing whatsoever of Sam or Gilly. This could be because they don’t get much to do this season, and what little they do isn’t exciting enough to be a good fit with a violence-oriented trailer.

Nothing of Uncle Kevan or Grand Maester Pycelle. No Qyburn, either. 

No Septa Unella, which makes me sad just a little. SHAME.

I don’t see anything that looks like the Riverlands. There are some shots whose location is ambiguous, but nothing to suggest the Freys, Tullys, or Brotherhood Without Banners. No sign of Riverrun.

A lot of the Bolton troops, but only a little of Roose and Ramsay. No sign of Fat Walda.

There’s nothing that looks like the Vale, either. No Sweetrobin, no Lords Declarant. Just one shot of Littlefinger, and he’s probably in the North.

We notice some shots that appear to be Tower of Joy flashbacks, but it would be way, way too exciting if we caught a glimpse of anyone who could be Rhaegar or Lyanna.

No returning characters except Bran. No sign of Rickon or Osha. Don’t notice any clear shots of new characters except Euron Greyjoy. Nothing of Elder Brother, and certainly not his big gravedigger! 

I’m a little bummed there’s no sign of the Riverlands Reunion.