“Apologies for what you’re about to see.”

Here are some edited highlights from the Season 6 trailer we got today. Everyone’s just a tiny bit busy losing their minds. I wrote a post for FanSided earlier this evening. It’s not up yet, but I wrote a post. This one won’t be so coherent. This will mostly just be me puking up a bunch of screaming and arm-flapping.

ETA: Here’s my new bit at FanSided! Juxtapositions in the trailer, and what they may mean.

I think this is the stage where Jaime’s assuming Cersei ended up on trial just because the Sparrows heard about the incest rumors. He’ll feel differently when he finds out she’s been fucking Lancel.

I just love the sight of Ser Jorah the Andal picking up Dany’s ring. *sigh*

Lancel seems to think he and his buddies could take Undead Gregor Clegane in a fight.

I’m not going entirely in order, but here’s our first shot of Euron Greyjoy!

Ah, geez. D&D are still drawing out the twincest. Of course this is also right before the part where Brienne turns up, but I’ll get to that later!

Sweet Mother of Dragons, I am totally here for Yara getting some tongue from a cute naked girl.

Have fun storming the Sept, you guys! Oh, and, here’s a gentle reminder that for all of Cersei’s ear-nibbling manipulation, Jaime still teams up with the Tyrells and rides off with Margaery sharing his saddle.

That’s not the sort of thing you want to see, even if it’s just a dream.

So, basically, Davos is about to become Head Ass-Kicker of the Seven Kingdoms.

Also, I rather enjoyed how Tyrion’s footage was edited to seem like he’s talking to Sansa.

So, I think what happens is that Melisandre is so pathetic and lost that Davos doesn’t have the heart to wring her neck after he finds out what she did to Shireen, so he lets her live and they end up making awesome things happen together.

I guess this is the last thing we see of Margaery before Jaime gets her out of the Sept?

I don’t agree with Sophie’s new choice of profile pic, but I am here for her getting us all excited. She Retweeted Lena’s teasing just the other day. Seems she’s jumping on the Get Hype bandwagon.

Speaking of Sophie! There are a couple of shots of Sansa in the trailer. No sign of Sansa interacting with Brienne, but there IS a sign of them getting close. See this:

Yeah, see, there is no way Theon’s getting out of there without the intercession of a healthy, armed, skilled fighter.

I can’t tell whether Sansa and Theon are still together in these shots. It looks like a similar time-frame. Together or separate, they both look like they could use some help.

In the frame just before this one is some poor nameless Bolton soldier on his knees, re-evaluating his life choices in the last 3 seconds of his life. Here, let me show you:

There’s no sign of Podrick anywhere in this. Which is fine, as he’s a minor character. But I do think Brienne doesn’t have Podrick nearby when she gets into the fight with that Bolton soldier. (If we can call it a fight.)

I don’t want to get too excited with predicting specifics, but I think we’re finally getting a sign of the protection assignment coming together. Oh yes.

After the amount of sensitive information Ian McShane just served up for us on a silver platter, I am not ruling out that Eugene Simon just told us a major part of his character’s presence in the season. He’s sort of suggesting Lancel is the Faith’s champion in Cersei’s trial by combat. Which means Lancel is on the Valar Morghulis list.


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