What we know about Ian McShane’s role on Game of Thrones (read: everything)



Everyone: go see my article on FanSided about Ian McShane’s role in Game of Thrones Season 6. Go now. Once you’ve read that, I have some additional snark below the cut because I can behave like an asshole over here in ways that wouldn’t be appropriate at FanSided.

Monster’s notes: First off, that bit about the “peaceful tribe” should preclude any speculation that McShane’s character will be the one who makes Lady Stoneheart happen. There is no way the Brotherhood Without Banners could be called a peaceful tribe. I still think the presence of Lady Stoneheart on the show is vanishingly unlikely, but if we do get Undead Catelyn Stark, it won’t be thanks to Elder Meribald. I am pleased and relieved to note that since the second update, in which McShane tells us almost in as many words that he’ll be looking after Sandor Clegane, the comment sections have NOT been covered in Stoneheart speculation.

Monster’s notes, second: However, this information HAS led to a new spate of Cleganebowl Hype. My previous arguments against Cleganebowl still apply. GRRM, D&D, and Sandor Clegane are not interested in your revenge fantasies.