If, if, if, then…

News going around Twitter is that Finn Jones (aka Ser Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones) has been cast as Iron Fist in the new Marvel series for Netflix. The filming schedule will heavily overlap with filming Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

First things out of the way: I am not here to talk about whether it was acceptable to cast Jones as Iron Fist. Nope. Not signing up for that discussion. I do not condone whitewashing, but that’s not the topic of this post.

ANYWAY. The point of relevance for this post is that maybe, just a little bit, the fact that Jones just took on this big time commitment for a Netflix series means Loras won’t be around for Season 7. My Realms of Hype peeps are making the connection. If he’s not around in Season 7, that means he dies in Season 6.

I see a lot of maybes. Like, maybe Loras will just have a small presence in Season 7 that won’t take much time to film, so Jones can still do both shows. At the same time, I’m not optimistic about the Tyrells surviving the series, so maybe Season 6 is a good time for Loras to meet his end.

I’m just thinking out loud at the spur of the moment here.

Of course, I’ve already turned my Valonqar Cloak over to Loras, and I assume that Cersei’s death will be arranged the same way on the show as in the books. That means that if Loras is dying in S6, then I’m counting on Cersei’s death in S6, too. Which presupposes Tommen’s death in S6, while we’re at it.

And here I’ve been thinking that with Game of Thrones being scheduled for at least eight seasons, S6 is too early to get rid of Cersei. Maybe it’s not, though? Maybe the last two seasons will be after Cersei’s death? We’ve heard a lot about how this season will be so big, and bold, and mental, and terrifying, and so on, so maybe those big, terrifying events include the deaths of Tommen, Margaery, Cersei and Loras. I don’t think Margaery will outlive her brother by very long. I suspect Tommen’s death will be closely associated with Margaery’s death. We have heard something about a big fire being filmed for King’s Landing this year. And I suspect Cersei is the arsonist. So maybe that fire is associated with a big burst of Lannister and Tyrell deaths.


Cersei looks up at Tommen and says: “I would burn cities to the ground.”

Then again, Loras is a pretty small character in terms of screen time and it’s not inconceivable that HBO could schedule the Loras scenes around the filming schedule for Iron Fist. There’s still space for him to appear in Season 7.

However. IF my Valonqar theory is accurate, and IF Loras Tyrell will not be part of Season 7, then Season 6 is going to leave us with no living Lannisters except Jaime and Tyrion, and probably no living Tyrells except maybe Lady Olenna. We are fairly sure Jaime will be there for Season 7. But maybe not Cersei and Tommen?

4 thoughts on “If, if, if, then…

  1. That’s a bizarre starter. What does Iron Fist even have to do with “whitewashing” given they cast a white actor to play a character that is and always has been white?

    • There were a lot of people hoping for Iron Fist to be cast with an Asian actor, the idea being that everything cool about the character is associated with Asian cultures, so it would be an improvement on the source material for the character to be shown as Asian rather than white. They were disappointed to see him cast as white. That discussion was the very first news I saw of the existence of the show.

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