We’re headed for a Riverlands Reunion!

Hey, no big deal, just that Winter is Coming ran a piece with my name on it.

So far, a theme common to all these journeys is that most of the characters are not native to the Riverlands. Arya is from the North, Tywin and his knights are from the Westerlands, Hot Pie and Gendry are from the Crownlands (King’s Landing), and Jaqen H’Ghar is from Braavos. This is a vital feature of the Riverlands: everyone else in the realm has to travel through it, and everyone has business to conduct there, but when that business is finished, the rest of the realm does not stay long enough to clean up the mess.

Go read more of The Riverlands: Heartland of Westeros. See if you can tell where I am the biggest goddamn troll in the Game of Thrones community.