Game of Anticipation: Stark Kids

MOAR Season 6 photos! More, I say! Also, too, we’re told to expect a teaser airing on HBO this Sunday night. We’re getting teaser videos on Twitter for teaser videos on HBO, and we’re totally eating it up. Seven Hells.


Arya looks like a hot mess.

She has not been cast out by the Faceless Men. The begging is part of her training. This is book-based.



There’s Bran with a ragged old man.

He’s standing up! Wow! So this must be a vision in which the Three-Eyed Raven shows him around and he ignores the fact that he’s paralyzed in real life.

We’ve also gotten pictures of Sansa, but I’m saving them for a later post. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I ever saving them for a later post.