Game of Anticipation: Faith Militant

Yeah, they’re still making trouble.


“Yes, I CAN make you walk naked through the streets. Do you want to find out the hard way?”

He seems to be lecturing someone who’s kneeling at his feet.

Photo Feb 11, 7 31 27 PM

Septa Unella is reading to Margaery. 

I assume the book is the Seven-Pointed Star. And I guess reading to her is somewhat less odious than taunting her with a ladle of water?

Another remark on significant omissions: Margaery is the only one of the Tyrells in any of this set of pictures. We see nothing of Loras, Mace or Olenna. In the case of Olenna, I assume that means she’s not appearing in the first episode. Loras or Mace may be getting an appearance but the publicity folks think they’re too boring to include. I disagree. I want to see how Mace delivers the news of Meryn Trant’s death.