Game of Anticipation: Castle Black

Spoiler: Jon Snow hasn’t appeared in any of these photos.


Something is smoking while Davos watches.

There’s Davos, looking like his usual serious self. I sure hope they’re not burning Jon’s body down there!


Photo Feb 11, 7 32 27 PM

Melisandre’s about to take care of business!

So there’s Melisandre on a horse, ready to go somewhere. Perhaps to the Riverlands, to track down a certain Red Priest who knows how to resurrect people?

Anyway. You may notice a bit of fancy patterned fabric in the lower left quadrant, and some people are saying that’s the same fabric as Sansa’s cloak. Here’s the thing: I’ve taken a close look at Sansa’s cloak in the pictures of her, and it’s not the same fabric. I don’t rule out that Sansa goes up to Castle Black (though I can’t imagine how she gets that far in the space of one or two episodes), but I would not come to that conclusion based on this picture.


That DOES look like a lady’s cloak, and the fact that there’s another woman in the same shot is VERY interesting. A woman wearing pretty clothes? Not a wildling. Not a whore from Mole’s Town. Not a servant. What’s she doing at Castle Black?

I have two ideas, and they could both be complete nonsense, BUT, there is Alys Karstark as one option, which would be book-based. I’ll make a gonzo suggestion and say she could also be an Umber lady. We’ll be dealing with the Karstarks and the Umbers this season, so I’ll keep them both in mind as candidates.