Game of Anticipation: Meanwhile, in Essos

Photo Feb 11, 7 37 36 PM

Varys is still there.

Tyrion looks mildly concerned.



What is he doing with that wine goblet?

“Now let me educate you with a metaphor about the foolishness of trying to reverse the effects of a deed already done.”


Missandei is still cute.

“What the fuck is this foreign dwarf trying to accomplish?”

Photo Feb 11, 7 42 04 PM

Dany looks unimpressed with her new surroundings. 

She looks as healthy as she did in the S5 finale.

Photo Feb 11, 7 42 13 PM

Dany’s hands are tied.

“Khaleesi, you stand charged with fucking everyone’s shit up all over Slaver’s Bay. How do you plead?”