Game of Anticipation: Lannisters at King’s Landing

I tend to think these new photos are what we’re getting in lieu of a trailer, so with that in mind, I will enjoy the fuck out of them.


There’s a golden shroud over the body behind him.

This should answer anyone who was thinking maybe Myrcella wasn’t really dead. At this point Jaime’s thinking about what it’ll be like to present their daughter’s dead body to his sister. Only he doesn’t know just how complicated it’ll be.



This crazy-eyes Jaime pic is possibly my favorite of the lot we received today. There’s a lot fo discussion going on over what they’re talking about, but I think this is the part where Jaime finds out about Cersei’s trial. Her haircut requires an explanation, after all. Notice the costuming: Jaime is still wearing his leather jacket and Cersei is still in her red gown. This is on the same day as Jaime comes home with Myrcella’s body. This is possibly the first discussion they have after Jaime comes back into the Red Keep.

Some are saying Cersei is talking about having Trystane killed because they have to scapegoat him for Myrcella’s death, but I don’t think she’s had time to reach that conclusion? And she’s no longer in a position where she can get away with having an innocent boy killed. I think Jaime’s attitude is more like…”I risked my life to save our daughter, and she died anyway, and I spent all that time on that boat, afraid to face you without Myrcella, and now I hear you were fucking Lancel while I was held prisoner by the Starks? I was chained to a post and covered in my own shit, and you were back here fucking LANCEL?” And she’s sitting there saying, like, “Well, yes, Jaime, you just answered your own question: Lancel was here when you weren’t.”

He may pissed off about that. Just a little bit.


Tommen’s an only child now.

Here they are, at the third season in a row with the death of a close family member. This is a bit later, as Jaime has changed into his Kingsguard armor. I think Jaime’s trying to turn this into a father-son bonding moment. He¬†still wants to be part of Tommen’s life, and as his dad, not just the Lord Commander.

Photo Feb 11, 7 37 28 PM

Cersei has to spend another season wearing black.

Now she’s changed back into a mourning dress. This is after the encounter with Crazy-Eyes Jaime. Maybe this is the moment where she interrupts their bonding moment and reminds Tommen that he only has one parent.

I wish the photo set included some sign of Uncle Kevan. I’m paying attention to the omissions as much as the inclusions.