I will die on this hill: Intertwined storylines!

We have some hype from Sophie Turner about Season 6! Please, my dearest surviving Stark, tell me more:

Every scene I shot I couldn’t believe that I was shooting this scene with these amazing people, and I couldn’t believe that the storylines had intertwined so much that this is how it ends up. So many characters’ paths intertwine this season…You really get a sense that the story is coming together and rounding up this time.

Sophie does one thing really well that I think Emilia Clarke’s been trying to do, and not doing such a good job: she makes the season sound really exciting, without giving us anything we can use for predictions. I think what really separates Sophie’s hype from Emilia’s hype is that Sophie doesn’t sound like she’s exaggerating nearly so much. Maybe not every scene she shot, but I can believe she did lots of scenes with amazing people and she was really excited about working with all these super-amazing co-stars. I can believe that the storylines are intertwining and characters’ paths are coming together. We’ve heard similar news from other cast members and the occasional director. Sophie makes the new season sound good without acting like she just shot a Michael Bay movie. 

And I would love to gather something from Sophie’s words to support my idea of Sansa & Theon connecting Brienne & Podrick, and I could make that argument if I wanted, but we’ve already established that I’m at the stage where I will twist and bend basically anything to support the idea of the protection assignment finally happening. This certainly doesn’t rule it out, I’ll say that much. 

You know what, fuck it: I’m gonna ride that hobby horse. Wait here while I find something.

Here it is!

One of those “amazing people” in Sophie’s scenes could be Gwen, yes? Gwen is the only other GoT cast member who’s had any interaction on Twitter with Sophie except for Maisie Williams. She and Maisie have been BFFs since Season 1, and there she is, calling Gwen “queen.” Perhaps because she’s one of those co-stars Sophie admires so much in S6! I’m telling you, it adds up!