No, seriously, someone give me some ideas.

I’m trying to think of another article to write for FanSided before we get the DVD set. I did my Melisandre analysis, and the one I just did with the three Houses’ connections was a combination of two ideas I had, one of which I had expected to use somewhat later. I’m open to the idea that we’ll still get another trailer before April 24th, but for now, I’m just sitting here wondering what to do until March.

(Of course I’m also a novelist, and working on my original fiction is always an option, but that takes much longer to make presentable.)

I’m open to suggestions? What should I write about before we get any more material from the good people at HBO? I’m sort of thinking about doing a book/show comparison on Podrick, but to be quite honest he’s probably just one of those characters that won’t ever really get a good explanation on the show.


One thought on “No, seriously, someone give me some ideas.

  1. Gah, you’re killing me! I have suggestions, but I’m saving them for my weekly blogs. If I come up with anything that I can spare, I will send them your way.

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