Game of Anticipation: Whose empire?

Bugger me with a spear, I think we just got a fresh round of HBO-sanctioned promo material for Season 6.

This is happening on Twitter:

I’m trying to pin down the voice. Patrick says it’s the High Sparrow! Of course it is. *slaps self*

That’s obviously Ramsay.

And that’s some Dothraki asshole.

One of my fellow FanSided peeps got to this before I did, but I will see what I can milk from this. See what I mean about the balancing act people like Emilia Clarke have to manage?


5 thoughts on “Game of Anticipation: Whose empire?

  1. It’s interesting that they’re presenting 3 of the 4 original big players, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen, with tattered banners, and voiceovers from people that are associated with them (sort of) but turned out to be dangerous enemies.

    Cersei gave power to the Faith Militant, thinking to use them and ending up at their mercy.

    The Boltons were Stark bannermen, and (in the books at least) trusted until they betrayed them.

    Okay, the Dothraki don’t technically owe Dany any allegiance, because they supported Drogo and that ended with his death, but there’s still that past connection, that Dany was once their Khaleesi.

    (Of course, the Baratheons are pretty much wiped out, so we don’t get a banner for them. If there was one, I’d have Melisandre do the voiceover, since she killed Renly and more or less killed Stannis.)

    • Melisandre is absolutely Stannis’s cause of death. She knowingly led him to his death, though sooner than she intended.


      Interesting, what you say about these enemies being former allies. What does it say about politics in ASOIAF that major Houses are getting screwed over by people they once trusted? For instance, where would Dany be without her marriage to Drogo? What’s the message here, with the 3 power players being under attack by people they thought were on their side?

      • And, we see at least one other example as well, with Jon being ambushed by his men.

        I think it’s worth noting, but I don’t know if it’s a theme, per se. All the great houses have allies, some still trustworthy. I guess we can also examine the flip side, that Dany still has her ruthlessly loyal Unsullied (just not nearby) and Drogon (who might prove to the Dothraki that Dany isn’t the queen of nothing), for Sansa and the Starks, the Boltons have Winterfell, but the North Remembers, yo.

        But the Lannisters seem thin on allies. Maybe.

        They might be being set up for big losers this season.

        Thanks for putting all of the teasers in one place.

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