Making stuff: Teal stained glass

While I am still not ready to stop running predictions on Game of Thrones, I have decided not to post anything new until we see some new information, and then, only if my predictions are compliant with the new information. I was going to say I’m waiting for the S5 DVD set, but then I realized we’re expecting to get a trailer or two before then. So I might post something in response to the trailer(s) before I get to watch the DVDs with audio commentaries. Until then, though? I need to post on other topics and with other materials.

For instance: I have a new graphic design app on my iPad, and I’m learning how to use it. For now, here’s a little something I made in that new app, and cleaned up in Pixelmator. While it is not quite 100% pixel-perfect, it tiles well enough and it looks pretty. Enjoy.