Just in case anyone’s wondering…

Since we got the news from GRRM that we can just forget about seeing The Winds of Winter before GoT S6, there’s been a bit of discussion about who will avoid watching S6 until after the book comes out, so the show won’t spoil the book.

There are some book readers who haven’t watched the show at all, but the idea of avoiding just the new season, for purposes of seeing events first in the book, never occurred to me.

So, okay, some people are doing that, and I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but that said? This blog is the very opposite of a safe space for ASOIAF fans who don’t want to be spoiled by the TV show. First of all, don’t pretend you’re new here: I’ve been sharing every shiny thing Watchers on the Wall, Winter is Coming, and my special Twitter list have held up in my face since last June. You may have also noticed, in my analyses and predictions, that I am not too proud to share whatever thoughts come into my head about what has happened and what may happen later on the show? I’m not finished, either. As I’ve been saying on Twitter, I will watch the S5 DVDs with audio commentaries, and I will blog in detail on whatever insight I can gain from those commentaries. Unless the cast, crew and showrunners are completely bland, irrelevant and borderline off-topic in what they have to say about the episodes, I expect to gather some prediction fodder from the DVDs, and I will share my predictions. And when S6 comes on, I will have things to say.

It’ll be even worse on Twitter, where I can’t put spoilers behind a cut. On Twitter, all the info just hangs out for everyone to see.

If you’re an ASOIAF fan who’s decided to avoid S6 in favor of seeing events in the book before the show, then I am the opposite of a good person to be around.