Happiness is About the Little Things

Last night, during my traditional New Year’s Eve Party of One, I went into Google Drive and rewrote the Night’s Watch oath. (Blame my GoT buddy Patrick. The idea started from an exchange with him on Twitter.) Then I went to Notegraphy and dressed it up.


HBO gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until Game of Thrones is cancelled. I shall increase no entities beyond what is necessary, believe no update on IMDB, and start from no false premises. I shall accept no cast member’s spoilers and accuse no director of lying. I shall live and die at my blog. I am the eyes in the comment sections. I am the watcher of the Twitter list. I am the shield that guards the realms of hype. I pledge my time and sanity to the off-season, for this day and all the blog posts to come.

Beware of actors bearing stuffed animals, is all I’m saying. #RememberTheDuck

And this morning we got a nice New Year’s greeting from Gwen! I replied to her.

And she Liked my Tweet. It’s these little things that make me happy.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is About the Little Things

  1. “GoT Buddy Patrick”!!!!!! Right on!

    Yes! Thank you so much for doing this kick-ass Show Watchers on the Wall type of oath.

    I’ve got your back, when Season 6 rolls in.

    Happy, happy new year!

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