Game of Snark: I’m still an asshole.

Saw this on Twitter just now:

The replies are fucking FULL of people protesting that Stannis isn’t really dead.

Okay, folks, here’s the thing: if Brienne managed to redirect her sword at the last split second and NOT kill Stannis, his survival is honest-to-fucking-Pete the best-kept secret in Game of Thrones filming history. HBO has done a better job of hiding his survival than they’ve done of hiding pretty much everything else related to next year’s season. Filming is all over, and Stephen Dillane has not been seen anywhere near the production. I don’t think they even had him show up long enough to play a corpse. Probably because you can’t get a live actor to play a headless body.

But ultimately, if you’re still thinking, at this stage, that Stannis lives, then I don’t know what’ll convince you otherwise. I’m not even optimistic that you’ll accept the Rightful King is really fucking dead if we get a clear shot of Brienne digging a grave in the wolfswood and burying his decapitated body. Even if they actually show us the body in S6, will that be enough?

So now I’m wondering: what sort of S6 are the Stannis Lives contingent picturing? Starting from the premise of Stannis being alive, what do your predictions look like? What sort of ideas do you fill into the gaps between the events we’ve gathered from filming leaks? How tangled and torturous do your explanations get when the filming leaks don’t leave room for Stannis to be alive and present and making decisions? How much of the available info do you have to explain away?