Game of Obsession: Little She-Wolf

Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and call this biz “Game of Obsession” from now on, because that’s what I’ve done to myself.

In a rare fit of having spare time yesterday, I started puttering around in Google Drive and gathering the puzzle pieces for Arya. I’ve never been all that into Arya, but right now I feel like I should have a grip on what she’s up to.

ETA: Try this one here. Yeah, I’ve got some ideas.

…and I just revisited an earlier post I made about Arya being in the Riverlands, and it seems I left out a crucial information point from my predictions. I am such a shit-show.

Yeah, so I’m nowhere near finished dicking around in Google Drive.



2 thoughts on “Game of Obsession: Little She-Wolf

  1. Dear alysonmiers, I, for one, am very pleased to think you might have more to share with us concerning obsessions/predictions/speculations on GoT, or even more analysis of ASoIAF from the Arya standpoint or any other. From the beginning Arya has been one of my most favorite characters and I feel that she is being prepped for an important part to play in the big story. Your whole development of J/B was beautifully written and your examination of other characters and storylines has also been such good reading. So please, yes, do more dicking around in Google Drive and bring us your thoughts!

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