I have weird thoughts about Star Wars

I promise to be spoiler-free!

First, a while back, I got the news that the new Star Wars movie would include Gwendoline Christie and Lupita Nyong’o: “Oh, boy oh boy oh boy! Good job, Star Wars! More of this please!”

Later, I find out Lupita’s part is a CGI alien: “But…what? Seriously?”

Finally, I see the movie: “Holy fuck, THAT is Lupita’s part! She is AMAZING. Keep doing that, Lupita! Hollywood, keep writing roles like this one!”

I was looking forward to seeing Gwendoline in the movie, but she has little screen time and few lines. Not much of a role for Gwen. Lupita, however? I’d say she gives the best performance of the movie. That little CGI alien has a ton of presence because Lupita gives us the most absurdly perfect voice. 

4 thoughts on “I have weird thoughts about Star Wars

  1. I know people complaining about her being a CGI character, but, in my experience, they’re the types who complain about CGI characters in general. I thought Maz Kanata (let’s pretend I have that name right) was pretty engaging.

    My dad thought she was as significant as Yoda.

    My daughter (this was her second Star Wars movie ever) said that the orange woman was pretty cool.

    I don’t mind Captain Phasma having a small part in this, since I trust Rian Johnson not to give her the Boba Fett treatment (the treatment we got, and the treatment that character didn’t deserve.)

    My opinion might change if we never seen Phasma again. Until then, I have my Captain Phasma t-shirt. (I think she and Finn will have to have a reunion at some point.)

    • The reason why I was annoyed about her being a CGI character was that I care about diversity in media representation, and I thought it would’ve been really awesome for Star Wars to include at least one black woman, played by such a capable actress, among its significant characters. Instead they gave us a little orange alien. But then Lupita’s voice performance was SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING.

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