Game of Speculation: I guess we’re still getting fodder?

Yeah, so, S6 filming is really and truly done, but we still have cast members doing interviews and they occasionally say stuff about what’s happening, so maybe I still have material for GoT-blogging between now and the S5 DVD release?

The fact that I anticipate having more blogging material with the DVD set should tell you what kind of weirdo I am.
Natalie Dormer said something about having a new scene partner, so that’s fodder for discussion. Sure. Over on Twitter, @BeautyBrienne suggests:

The top two candidates so far for Margaery’s new scene partner are the High Sparrow and Jaime. Personally, I think the High Sparrow is a more viable choice, and Trystane Martell is my gonzo candidate. As Jaime will be leaving King’s Landing shortly after the part where he extracts Margaery from the Sept, he only has the first 60% of the season available to interact with her, whereas High Sparrow or Trystane could have scenes with her all season long, assuming they’re not on the Death List. But okay, for now we’ll talk about Jaime as the scene partner.

If he has scenes with her outside of the one they filmed in Girona, it will most likely be him visiting her cell. I don’t think they’ll let her out of her cell to have walks through the garden with the Lord Commander. If he goes to visit her, he’ll be there to see his son’s wife, and if she plays her “feminine wiles” game on him, I think it would make more sense for her to approach him as a frightened girl who needs a protector, rather than trying to seduce him. Around this time I expect Jaime will be quietly fighting with Cersei, butting heads with Uncle Kevan, and trying but failing to bond with Tommen. He should see Margaery as an untried angle into his family, a way to get to know Tommen without Cersei getting in the way.

At this point, I’m sure Margaery is fully aware that Tommen is a Baratheon only in name, so when Jaime shows up for her, she knows she’s dealing with her husband’s father. And, if she hasn’t been told already about Princess Myrcella’s death, Jaime will tell her first time he sees her. So, he’ll respond best to her if he can see her as a daughter-type, rather than an alternative to Cersei.

With that in mind, I don’t think Margaery’s immediate intention will be to make Cersei lose her shit, but…her bonding with Jaime would have the effect of making Cersei lose her shit, and Margaery wouldn’t feel bad about that. It would be the most fabulous middle-finger at Cersei if Margaery bonded with Jaime in the way he was hoping to do with Myrcella. Seven Hells, if Myrcella had escaped poisoning and kept on bonding with Uncle Daddy, even that would’ve been a monkey wrench in Cersei’s gears. She made sure to have babies with Jaime, but she doesn’t want him bonding with her kids. She really doesn’t! But although she didn’t want to give him a chance to bond with her children, and although she’s trying to get Margaery killed, she certainly doesn’t want Jaime getting buddy-buddy with their daughter-in-law. No, that would be yet another way that Jaime is no longer under Cersei’s control, and that’ll piss her off. She’s such a piece of work.