Game of Frustration: I’m not a nice person.

It’s the very last day of filming Game of Thrones S6, I’m having a tedious December, and it’s not going to get any better until post-Christmas at the earliest, so I could use some amusement. Imagine my anticipation when Winter offered us a little teensy Brienne-related SPOILER. Or maybe just a bit of speculation fodder. Anything along those lines would’ve been nice.

Instead, we get a lesson in fuzzy logic. To wit:

Gwen did an interview like this:

But when Schofield wouldn’t let it go, Christie told him to stop being naughty.“I’ve just wrapped actually, I finished filming two weeks ago… I think everyone has finished. Yes, they have… Don’t be naughty Phillip.”

So Ani Bundel adds up the pieces:

What do we know?

  • The wrap party for filming was held over this past weekend, with only a few days of filming left to go. That means that Christie finished a week ahead of everyone else.
  • The last month (from November 9th onward) included the shooting of episode 10.
  • Quite a bit of that episode was filmed on the Riverrun set.
  • We know Brienne is at Riverrun.

These pieces don’t add up. The supposed conclusion is:

Adding these facts together points to one conclusion: Brienne is going to make it all the way to the end of the season next year. How is that a spoiler? Because there are some people who continue to expect Brienne to work her way back on book, find herself confronted with the always expected, but never arriving Lady Stoneheart, only to discover herself and Pod hanging from the nearest tree. I personally would have expected this to happen sometime in midseason, if it’s going to happen at all. But with Christie admitting she was filming all the way to the end of the season? If that encounter is happening, it’s not coming to the very end. Which could even mean that Brienne is going to make it to Season 7.

Filming to the end of the season doesn’t mean the character appears in the last episode. I checked the links in her list of clues, and…I’m just not seeing the connections.

  • That time period included the shooting of Ep10, but not only Ep10.
  • I can’t find the part where it says Riverrun is included in Ep10? We’re still completely in the dark about what was happening at Riverrun in the last few weeks of filming.
  • I certainly can’t find the part where it says Brienne is present at the last scene that shows Riverrun.
  • None of this tells us that Brienne will still be there in Ep10.

Now, all that said? I do think Brienne will survive S6 and will in fact survive to the end of the series. I do not think Lady Stoneheart will appear on the show. And it should be noted that Brienne and Pod do not die in their tree-hanging encounter in the books. That business with LSH is still a cliffhanger! But Brienne has managed, so far, to extricate herself and Pod from their nooses and live to do something about it. So, even if LSH does show up, and even if she does have Bri and Pod strung up in a tree, that’s a separate issue from whether they live to see another season.

We don’t even know that Gwen was filming at Riverrun in her last few weeks of the season. I kept waiting and waiting for more info on stuff happening at Riverrun, and it never came. I saw the NCW was coming back to Belfast and got all excited for more Riverrun info, and it didn’t happen. NCW seems to have finished up his season with scenes set at the Red Keep, which should tell us that the last month of filming hasn’t been only Ep10. I guess it’s possible for Brienne to have scenes at Riverrun while Jaime isn’t there, but we really don’t have any sign of Gwen having filmed anything at that setting when Nik wasn’t there. I honestly have seen not the slightest sign of where Gwen was filming in her last few weeks of the season, or who else was filming with her. No sign of which episode included her last-filmed scenes. No particular evidence that she’ll be appearing in Ep10.

And as I said earlier, I’m sure Brienne will survive the season. I am confident that she will be among the characters who see the end of the series, but that is because GRRM has plans for her that go to the very end. Yeah, she’ll be fine. But that’s not in evidence from her filming scenes this late in the year.

Really, this is not a spoiler. It’s not even speculation fodder. It’s just Gwen saying she’s finished filming for the season.

I am a curmudgeonly Monster.