Game of Speculation: a Morsel from Daddy Bolton

There are literally not even TWO DAYS left of filming GoT S6. The 17th is the last day for the season. What the fuck am I supposed to do with myself between now and the release of the S5 DVD set? I might have to pay attention to the real world again, and there may even be a bit of novel-writing. For today, however? I see a shiny thing to bat.

Watchers has a piece today that’s mostly Gwendoline Christie not telling us anything useful about Brienne, but there’s also a very generous bit of fodder from Michael McElhatton, aka Roose Bolton!

McElhatton says, “There’s a storyline planted in which I have a new heir on the way. I think that’s going to cause some problems for Ramsay. And that’s going to play out probably in not very favorable terms.”

Walda delivers a boy. Ramsay kills his new little brother, then Walda, then Roose. Ramsay is all that’s left of House Bolton, which is why Roose is nowhere to be found in that parley in the courtyard of Winterfell with Jon and Sansa.