Game of Speculation: Live to See Another Season

This is what comes from making a short list of GoT-related peeps on Twitter and following the shit out of their accounts: once in a while, something helpful pops up!

Here is our confirmation that a) NCW is all finished in Belfast for the season or will be very soon, and b) he expects to come back next season. Which means, a) I do not expect to see any more Riverrun filming news (*pout*), and b) he seems to think Jaime makes it through S6 in one piece.

(Oh, and Gwen has also confirmed that she’s finished filming S6. So, definitely no more J/B scenes to be leaked this year.)

Now, I hardly registered the part where he strongly implies that Jaime lives to see another season, because I’m entirely confident that he survives the series without further loss of limb. Yeah, he’ll be okay at the end. However, not everyone is as optimistic as I am, so here’s a little something: you can take Jaime off your Death Lists for now.

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