Game of Hype: First breadcrumbs fall

If you don’t live under a rock, you may have caught a whiff of HBO’s Yearender video, which includes a teensy bit of stuff in Game of Thrones—including a few shots from S6! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. What have they shown us of S6? They gave us a shot each of Dany out in the wilderness looking frazzled, Cersei hugging Tommen, and Ramsay riding somewhere with banners flying. So…no new information. Of course they won’t give us new information. They acknowledge that Dany, Cersei/Tommen, and Ramsay still exist. Per my convo with Patrick last night on Twitter, they represent the Targaryen/Essos plot, the Lannisters/King’s Landing plot, and the North. As the Stark kids are all cliffhangers, they can’t be the face of the Northern plot, except for Bran, whose voice was already featured in the S6 teaser. Since the Boltons have taken over the North, and there are big question marks hanging over Jon, Sansa, Arya and Rickon, Ramsay occupies the place where we’d normally see the Starks. Tommen represents the Baratheon presence, as the real Baratheons are all dead. (No, really, guys, Stannis is not coming back. That whole family is fucking dead. Except for Gendry, who may or may not ever make it out of that rowboat.)

But anyway. Not really any new information. Just some very tiny breadcrumbs. I’m especially interested in the Cersei/Tommen pic. Someone at Watchers very nicely shined up Cersei and Tommen so we can get a better idea of what they’re wearing. Like so:

That looks very much like Cersei is wearing black again, AND Tommen is also wearing mourning. Which strongly suggests that this hug takes place after Jaime comes home with Myrcella’s corpse. And of course Cersei doesn’t need an excuse to snuggle with her son! The question is how often we, the audience, get to see Cersei showing affection to her remaining family members. This is when they’re both in mourning for Myrcella, and Cersei knows she’s down to just one living child.

I’m picturing: she’s very comforting and affectionate with Tommen now that he’s an only child, but she won’t let Uncle Jaime touch him.