Game of Speculation: Yes, they should be discussing something.

Watchers brings us news of that rare bird, early-season Melisandre. I am still lacking self-embarrassment, but the info here continues to be squishy. We’ll call this light filming news, rather than spoilers.

This weekend, Los Siete Reinos provided more info about what’s happening on the set.Light spoilersand speculation ahead!

L7R’s sources report that the scene Carice is filming is a scene which she is having some sort of argument or confrontation with Davos (Liam Cunningham).

They also say that the scene takes place in one of the earlier episodes of season 6.

Melisandre is one of those characters whose S6 actions have been extremely well-guarded this year, and whose early-season movements have been especially inscrutable. (In fact a lot of characters have been kept under wraps for their first half of the season, but Mel has been super-quiet.) For fairly obvious reasons. As is my usual when I see a link to L7R, I went over and ran the translation myself, and with good reason:

Como todo el mundo especula, Melisandre tendrá un papel fundamental en la trama norteña. Las fuentes de Los Siete Reinos han podido averiguar que lo que ha estado rodando Carice es una escena que pertenece a alguno de los primeros capítulos de la temporada, y en la que discute con Davos.

Yeah, see, here’s the thing: they don’t actually say Mel’s having an argument or confrontation with Davos. It very well could be! But L7R’s report is that they’re having a discussion, not a confrontation. My nearest translation from the Spanish is:

As all the world speculates, Melisandre will have a fundamental role in the Northern plot. L7R’s sources have been able to verify that Carice has been filming a scene which pertains to one of the first episodes of the season, and in which she discusses with Davos.

This is not surprising; Mel and Davos have plenty to discuss. If we’re dealing with a confrontation, it could be that Davos has just found out how Shireen was killed, and he’s pissed as fuck. When that happens (and I think it would be a serious omission for Davos to get through the whole season without knowing about the manner of Shireen’s death), he will probably have to be restrained from killing her.

But I don’t think that revelation is what’s happening here. I think the L7R report pertains to a scene that takes place after Davos has tried to wrap his asymmetrical hands around Mel’s pretty neck, and after he’s accepted the truth that Stannis was never going to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and now he has to work with Mel if he wants to accomplish anything good. I think this discussion more likely pertains to Jon, and how to bring him back from the dead.

Really, this is more of a “yeah, that sounds about right” sort of revelation. I’d be a lot more confused if Mel and Davos made it through the first half of the season without having a discussion of some sort.