Game of Hype: Is that a challenge?

Both Winter and Watchers share with us the first HBO-made teaser for Game of Thrones S6! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

So, basically: no new information. This is not surprising, given that they’re still filming. I expect they’ll also need some time for post-production before they have sufficiently polished footage for a real hype-generating trailer. Still, this one does not let me know whether I’ve embarrassed myself on anything big.

The last line, though: “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”

In context, this is Bran talking about the situation in Westeros, and how the realm is so thoroughly unprepared for the White Walkers and the onset of winter.

In the trailer, I see everyone basically in agreement that this is D&D’s way of fucking with us: We, the fans, have no idea what’ll happen!

You know…*sips wine*, there are still some areas where I’m frustrated with the lack of filming info, but overall, if you look through a lot of what I’ve written in the “game of thrones” tag over the last several months, you might notice, *sips wine*, I have some ideas. Like, I’m sure I’ll be shocked at some things that happen in S6, but I think I’ll be shocked a lot less often than most of the audience.

Wine is good.