They can bury themselves so we don’t have to see their faces.

I don’t want to find out the latest mass shooters’ names. (I’m hearing on Twitter there are 3 of them, white guys in military gear. FUCKING CLOCKWORK, FOLKS.) I don’t want to see their faces in the news. I might like to hear something about their motivations, but that information doesn’t need to be attached to their specific identities. They don’t deserve to be famous. Their names should not be on our lips. I want to see their victims’ smiling faces with names attached. I want to hear about the people who stepped up to protect the innocent.

The shooters’ names and faces are of no interest to me. They’re just another 3 assholes who should’ve used the first bullets on themselves.


One thought on “They can bury themselves so we don’t have to see their faces.

  1. This weekend in Canada we are remembering the December 6, 1989 murders of Sonia Pelletier, Geneviève Bergeron, Hélène Colgan, Barbara Daigneault, Maryse Laganière, Anne-Marie Edward, Maud Haviernick, Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz​, Maryse Leclair, Anne-Marie Lemay, Michèle Richard, Annie St-Arneault, Annie Turcotte, and Nathalie Croteau. But the media repeats the shooter’s name over and over. It is wrong. The victims are the important ones. Saying their names out loud still makes me cry. Every year.

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