Game of Snark: I’m STILL not a very nice person.

We’re still arguing over whether a certain character who was killed in the S5 finale is really dead, I see, and no I am not referring to the one who’s just appeared on a major promo poster.

Still hanging onto the cliffhangers that should not be cliffhangers.

If the very first thing we see, post-opening-credits, in the first episode of S6 is Stannis Baratheon’s severed head sitting awkwardly next to his rapidly cooling body slumped limp against that tree, as Brienne walks away to figure out where the fuck her loyal squire got off to, I wonder if that’ll finally settle the matter? Will everyone accept that Stannis is really fucking dead and not at all coming back? Or will we somehow figure out an alternate explanation for that head having been separated from those shoulders with that Valyrian steel sword?

If, by some miracle, Stephen Dillane happens to show his face anywhere near the active cast members of Game of Thrones within the next month, that still doesn’t allow him time for more than the tiniest presence in S6. Maybe he could appear in a dream or flashback for Davos or Melisandre? Maybe? But, for example, we’ve already had metric tons of Kit Harington’s presence, including on-set, in-costume appearances. We’ve seen a little bit of Rory McCann. We may have seen just enough of Nell Tiger Free to allow her time to play Myrcella’s corpse. We haven’t even seen that much of Mr. Dillane. Filming is almost over and he simply isn’t there.