Game of Hype-Slaying: “Stop, Hodor! No more Hodor-ing!”

I may be just a teensy bit annoyed.

I’ve been holding my figurative breath for new Riverrun material for, what, like, a week now? If not longer? I’ve heard there’s still more to be filmed at Riverrun, and they’re still bringing materials to the set, and so forth, and I know NCW’s been filming in Belfast with Lena Headey, so I’m really in the mood for actual news about stuff happening at Riverrun. Imagine my excitement when Winter is Coming offered major rumored SPOILERS for S6 in Riverrun!

And imagine my eye-rolling when the major rumored SPOILERS turned out to be…this:

…which Ani Bundel turns into:

Hodor? Hodor! Hodor, hodor, hodor. What is Hodor doing in Riverrun?

Um…he isn’t doing anything at Riverrun?

Hodor, or no Hodor, this is a very interesting turn of events for the fight at Riverrun. Especially if we take the words of the extras who filmed at Saintfield that no White Walkers were harmed (or even seen) in that climatic battle. One would have expected that when the White Walkers finally took themselves South of the Wall and started bringing down that Winter we’ve all been promised for five long seasons, that the first encounter would be something of a redux of Hardhome, with Jon Snow again in the center of the action. But what if that’s just not how this is going to work? What if it’s Jaime Lannister, freed from his Lady Stoneheart plot line, who finds himself facing the inexorable army of of the dead? Would he survive and take the news to King’s Landing? Remember, he too has a Valyrian steel blade, as Jon does, which we know is one of the few weapons that can take out a White Walker.

Seven Hells and gods be good.

At no point does Irish Thrones say Kristian Nairn was filming at the Riverrun set along with White Walkers and wildlings. They said he was filming at Corbet-Banbridge. We have already established that Corbet-Banbridge is a big filming site, and they can film more than one unit at a time. This is how Sophie Turner was filming scenes at the same time as Nik and Gwen, but Sansa was not showing up at Riverrun with Brienne.

Also, Jaime doesn’t have a Valyrian steel blade, except for the one he gave to Brienne, and for good reason. He doesn’t swing a sword like he used to.

What the recent Tweets tell us is that Hodor apparently has a scene involving wildlings and White Walkers—which is definitely something to talk about!—and, at the same time, the production may also be preparing to film something at the Riverrun set. Hodor dealing with White Walkers is a separate issue from whatever is happening at Riverrun.

2 thoughts on “Game of Hype-Slaying: “Stop, Hodor! No more Hodor-ing!”

  1. All of the crazy hype, and the misunderstanding of who is going to be where “Hodor at Riverrun?????” reminds me of all the weird claims by the One Ring dot Net when Return of the King was filming. They had production photos of the hosts of Rohan and Gondor massed up (this was for the fight at the Black Gate) and the site was convinced that elves were going to be participating (other than Legolas) because … there were banners that had trees on them.

    The symbol of Gondor is the white tree. Not every tree on a flag belongs to elves. Seriously.

    So I appreciate you re-analyzing these analyses critically.

    • This one was pretty low-hanging fruit. The comment section at WiC immediately filled up with people saying, “What, WWs at Riverrun? No, that’s ridiculous.”

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