“Do you think you know what I want?”

I should be working on planning my next literary novel, but you will never be disappointed by my ability to act like my own worst enemy. I felt like re-watching some old GoT episodes while doing laundry. I chose S4, Eps7-8. You know something that happens here that hasn’t quite been followed up in S5? The scenes between Littlefinger and Sansa.

You look at the way Sansa looks at Petyr while she’s testifying for him to the Lords Declarant. Then you look at how they talk to each other later, in Sansa’s chamber. Their interaction is downright creepy. Partly, that was foreshadowing his bringing her to the Boltons. That’s only half of it, though. 

No, she still has business with Littlefinger. He had the upper hand in S5, but he still doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. He thinks he has her just where he wants her, but he’s underestimating her, to his peril. She’s about to fuck his shit up.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of rewatching episodes tonight: look at Melisandre’s conversation with Selyse in Ep7. She’s totally planning to burn Shireen. She already has her shit figured out.