Random Thoughts on Friday Night

I see a news notification from Yahoo! on my phone earlier this evening, and my train of thought, interacting with the unfolding story, was basically thus:

News: Several people shot, including 2 police officers, outside Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

Me: “So, the #BlueLivesMatter people should be latching onto this incident like snapping turtles, as we have police officers actually getting shot?”

News: Suspect is white male in 40s, wearing hunting gear.


News: 3 people have died in Planned Parenthood shooting, including 1 police officer.

Me: “Any time now, Blue Lives Matter! No, seriously, I was hoping there wouldn’t be fatalities.”

News: Suspect taken into custody alive.


This is yet another incidence of anti-abortion-provider violence, this is yet another mass shooting perpetrated by a white male American gun owner, and this is yet another example of cops managing to get a violent, armed suspect into custody in one piece. If we only pay attention to what happens when an unarmed black civilian is under fire for doing basically nothing at all, we might get the impression that policing offers no options between “killing innocent people” and “letting the bad guys get away.” This one went so far as to kill a police officer, yet somehow the cops managed to get him under control without using deadly force.