Game of Speculation: Yep, sounds about right.

Watchers has some filming tidbits from around Westeros. There’s a gross picture of Little Cousin Lancel’s gross, dirty feet, but more substantially…

We’ve heard that there is shooting in the throne room this week! The characters involved will be Cersei, Jaime and here’s where it gets interesting- a new Hand of the King. Our source didn’t know who this new Hand is.

Someone other than Uncle Kevan? That’s weird. Could it be that the source didn’t recognize Kevan?

Or…dare I say it…is Uncle Kevan still alive at this point? Because if he’s dead by early-mid-season, that would explain why someone new had to take his place.

One possible candidate for Hand is Randyll Tarly, but honestly, I don’t see how that could work. Jaime is in KL through Ep6, but not much later than that, so this scene is probably no later than Ep6. Randyll Tarly is still at home with the fam in Horn Hill when Sam shows up with Gilly and the baby, which appears to be happening in Ep5-6, and Horn Hill is quite a shlep from KL. Tarly getting to the Red Keep, and taking up his role as King’s Hand, before Jaime leaves for Riverrun would be a very, very quick trip. And, you know, okay, Littlefinger made it from Winterfell to King’s Landing in record time, but this is still cutting it really, really fine.

There’s also a casting notice by Extras NI for a newborn boy with brown eyes, but until we get 100% confirmation that the baby is needed for Game of Thrones, I won’t speculate on who he might be. There are some commenters asking if Sansa is pregnant by Ramsay, and this is their newborn son. I can wipe that out right here: there’s no way Sansa could have a brown-eyed child with Ramsay. I don’t rule out that she’s pregnant as of the opening of S6, but if she is, she won’t stay that way for long. Abortion does exist in Westeros. It’s not necessarily safe, but it’s much, much safer than carrying to term, and it’s not difficult to access. Sansa would rather starve herself than have Ramsay’s child.

L7R writes that Carice van Houten had little filming time this year, and her scenes were all wrapped up in secrecy. It’s likely that Melisandre was there for Jon’s resurrection and L7R’s sources confirm that Jon’s direwolf Ghost was present as well. (Well, his special effects ball-on-the-stick was.) Reportedly, the Ghost-stick has been used a lot more for season 6 than previous years, which points toward Ghost having a big role next season.

I went over to L7R and read the article, and I can confirm that the Watchers translation is accurate. Also, L7R tells us that Jon’s resurrection is under the direction of Jack Bender, who is in charge of Eps 5 and 6.

I see a lot of people are saying that Jon’s resurrection should take place earlier than Ep 5-6, but actually, that sounds like a great time to do it. The show needs to let Jon stay dead long enough for other characters (like his half-siblings, for example) to find out about his death, and let that have some ramifications for Northern politics, and let us, the audience, spend some time wondering, at the very least, how fucked up things will get while he’s dead. A mid-season resurrection gives him just enough time to come back, get some allies together, and rally the troops for the big battle in Ep9. Until then, I assume Mel will keep his body frozen so he doesn’t rot. That’s not difficult at the Wall.

Also, looking at the comment section, I seem to be the only person who thinks Melisandre knew exactly what she was doing, well before she convinced Stannis to burn Shireen? I noticed signs of her planning to kill that little girl in mid-S4. Well before they reached the Wall, Mel already knew Jon Snow was her guy. She knew perfectly well that Stannis didn’t stand a chance in marching on Winterfell, and she wanted him to die without issue so that she could work with Jon. Stannis’s defeat was not a failure on her part. Her mistake was in backing him in the first place. She may have felt bad about putting Shireen through that painful death, and triggering Selyse’s suicide, but Stannis losing everything was exactly what she had in mind.