Game of Speculation: Who can read French?

It doesn’t take much to get Game of Thrones fans all excited. If you haven’t been completely isolated from social media today, you probably saw at least a tiny version of the poster in display in NCW’s Tweet:

Now, we COULD get all excited over what exactly he means by “and so it begins,” but I am more interested in some graphics that pop up in the replies to his Tweet.

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This is translated from French, imperfectly. (“of a stab in the back” should be “WITH a stab in the back,” for example) I’m pretty sure that last sentence should be “…and I’m leaving FOR Belfast next week.” I’d like to get a better handle on the sentence concerning Casterly Rock.

I see another, larger graphic pasted further down in the reply thread, with more of the interview, written in the original French. And my French recognition game is way, way behind my Spanish. Gimme some time to put this stuff through a good translator. Then I’ll see what kind of speculation fodder this is.

In other news: HBO wants us to get all excited about Jon Snow. We’re way ahead of you, folks. So, so far ahead.

ETA: I ran the original French through Google Translate, with all the special characters properly accented, and what it says is, “Many things happened IN Casterly Rock during his absence.”

I guess it’s possible that he makes a trip to Casterly Rock within the first six episodes? Maybe? It would have to be really quick travel, though.  I think the relevance of things happening in Casterly Rock is more that Jaime will have to deal with the consequences of those things that happened.  The Lannisters are still a powerful enough family that their goings-on can affect the rest of the realm.

Also, the way he frames his character’s sleeping with his sister, at the beginning of the series, suggests very strongly that there’ll be no more of THAT.