Speculation Fodder Limbo

Part of me would like to tear myself away from following the Game of Thrones filming season and try being a responsible, productive novelist, but the other part of me doesn’t want to miss anything big. New material at Watchers gives us just enough info to assume that something big is about to pop up, but I can’t quite tell what it is. 

Even better, the just-enough-info concerns Riverrun. You know this is something I can’t ignore, yes?

According to local sources, Game of Thrones is resuming filming at the Riverrun set in Corbet this coming week. It’s rumored that the show is planning a scene that requires possibly as many as a thousand people to be on hand for filming.

There have been multiple reports of filming in Corbet this fall, with fan photos showing the aftermath of some fighting involving trebuchets. It’s commonly believed that these scenes will depict the Siege of Riverrun that occurs in A Feast for Crows. If this new report is correct, will the filming for next week involve more fighting?

The set’s stayed up all this time. They folded up the red tents for a while, mostly because of bad weather, but there’s every sign of the set soon going back to work. They posted this pic at Watchers:

The red tents are folded up, but still in place, with frameworks standing in each tent’s place. Everything else on set is still up and ready.

So far, what we can see is that there’s still some filming to be done at the Riverrun set, but there’s not enough happening yet to show us what sort of events will be in the show.