Speculation Fodder as Self-Care

I haven’t forgotten about Paris. I want to know when the situation is under control, and when everyone is free to get home and stay warm and safe. I want to know who is responsible for these attacks, and I look forward to hearing about them being brought to justice.

In the meantime, I’ve Tweeted some pics of cute animals to remind my peeps that there is still joy and fluffiness in the world. Now, in the interests of not losing our minds, I will share some juicy Game of Thrones stuff. Ready? Here we go.

Watchers gives us a bit of fodder from Ian McShane that may be the game-changer in predicting his role. He may have thought he was being just vague enough to get us all excited without telling us anything usable, but I think he was mistaken:

“I’ll give you one hint,” McShane told Pop Goes The News. “I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that.”

He also says of his role, “[It’s] a one-off episode.”

I think McShane is playing Elder Meribald, and he’ll have Sandor Clegane with him. Most of the Watchers commenters seem to think the same thing.

Winter brings us news from the Riverrun set, which is looking somewhat less red at the moment due to bad weather:

Specifically, Irish Thrones said that the red Lannister tents had been taken down and that the brown Frey tents had been reinforced against strong winds. That news was tasty enough, but now the outlet has tweeted out wonderfully detailed photographs from the set, and they look to reveal the aftermath of some kind of battle…or the results of those winds. Take a look.

This may answer the question of what all those trucks were bringing to the set since the actors were sent home.

This one may be my favorite picture of the lot:

Go visit the post at Winter and see the rest. Looks like they’ve had quite a siege at Riverrun. Blackfish may not be able to swim away from this.