Random thoughts: Cersei doesn’t notice.

Here’s an observation I picked up from working on my essay.

There’s a moment in A Feast for Crows when the twins are arguing about Tyrion. For TV-only peeps: this is a major divergence from the books.

 Cersei doesn’t know Jaime freed Tyrion. They’re arguing about him, early in the book, and Cersei thinks the Tyrells are helping him. She mentions the possibility of him being on his way to Highgarden as they speak. Jaime says: no, he’s not going to Highgarden. And Cersei just keeps on harping on where Tyrion might be. It doesn’t occur to her to ask Jaime: wait, what do you know about where Tyrion’s going?

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Cersei doesn’t notice.

  1. Good call. Jaime would have to do some fast talking, and I don’t really think Jaime is a convincing liar.

    Lies are so tedious, Jaime usually just tells it like it is. It’s a good thing Cersei didn’t notice.

    • I don’t entirely agree. Jaime is a plenty smooth liar when he needs to be. He lies effortlessly with Aunt Genna, for example. If anything, his problem is that he’s simply not quite as fluent a liar as his siblings.

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