Game of Speculation: Beware of Directors Offering Spoilers

Spoiler alert: this turned out to be no news at all.

There was a picture shown on Twitter, and Watchers turned it into a blog post (probably because there’s no real news to share at the moment), and then the source cleared something up.

First, we got this photo on Twitter from Miguel Sapochnik, one of five directors for Game of Thrones season 6:

So then Watchers showed it around! Ooh, boy, what does this MEAN?!?!?!

As many in the comment section pointed out, the matter of “White Walker Unit” probably means nothing about what’s actually happening in that scene. And sure enough, Mr. Sapochnik came back and confirmed:

It means…nothing, in terms of stuff happening in the episode. We may still see White Walkers in the finale! But that information isn’t available from the existence of a “White Walker Unit.” All the picture means is that Mr. Sapochnik is busy filming something for Ep10.

If a TV director went on social media and said to his followers, “Hey, everyone, guess what’s happening here!”, I would be very, very suspicious.

In fact, if I were in his position, I wouldn’t even be telling everyone it’s just the name of the filming unit. I’d let everyone keep working up a lather about “White Walkers in Ep10! Oh boy!” I’d want to keep everyone as confused as possible.

Also in the Watchers post is this Instagram from Hafthor Bjornsson:

And that tells us he’s flying to Belfast again, which means he’s probably going for more Game of Thrones filming? Whereas, some people are saying this means CLEGANEBOWL, GET HYPE.

Or…he’s just spending more time acting like Cersei’s massive shadow?

How many people are doomed to be horrifically disappointed when the grudgematch they’re counting on, never happens? Or better yet, when they’re counting on SEVERAL grudgematches, and NONE of them happen?

Now that I think of it: if I were a producer for Game of Thrones, I’d start throwing out hints that all the HYPE stuff is happening. Get all the fans super-excited, and let us spend all our time and mental energy on badly premised predictions. So much more cost-effective than beefing up security measures at filming locations.

8 thoughts on “Game of Speculation: Beware of Directors Offering Spoilers

    • See, I follow show-involved peeps for little things. I pay attention to the breadcrumbs. Like, when NCW said he was in Girona, or when Josephine Gillan said she was coming back for S6 and used certain, very descriptive, tags with her announcement. Those are breadcrumbs. Those little things tell me something. When someone holds out a juicy steak and an excellent bottle of wine, that’s when I think they’re steering me wrong.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to report everything that’s coming from the she creators, I just keep it at a skeptical distance (and you are doing due diligence by being skeptical as well.)

        In general, it’s when something happens on the show, that appears to contradict what has been previously said, and a segment of the audience flips out. WE’VE BEEN LIED TO! Which is true, I guess. But usually I respect the “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies” ethos.

        (I get this way by being a LOST apologist.)

        • I think that if the showrunners really wanted to keep us in the dark, they’d lie their asses off on a regular basis. It would be effective not because we’d necessarily believe the lies, but because we wouldn’t know what to believe anymore, and we’d spend all our time picking over the lies rather than paying attention to the evidence. You know what #RemembertheDuck means? That’s a great example of fans jumping on a meal rather than following the breadcrumbs.

        • It would not surprise me at all if Lena had no idea that “my little stone heart” would get a lot of fans all excited. I could tell you about JK Rowling getting lots of HP fans all excited about something that seemed important at first, but turned out to be nothing, and being really embarrassed about it. Either way, that happened. When NCW brought up that duck, however? That was deliberate. And it worked entirely too well.

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