“But I don’t have a screencap for that!”

I was putting some finishing touches on a certain essay last night, and what did I find? Aside from the fact that I am a very odd Monster with weird hobbies, I ran into a gap in my screencaps that shows that Game of Thrones the TV show is not entirely caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire the book series. By “gap in my screencaps,” I mean there are entire sections of my essay that don’t have a corresponding image from the show, and not because I haven’t taken enough screencaps. If you meet someone who’s taken more screencaps than I have, you should be worried for their mental health.

For some storylines in the books, we may simply not get an equivalent on the show, or the equivalent may be so truncated that we never really get an image that represents the events from the books.

But there are some book-based events that we haven’t yet seen play out on the show, but we will. I’m referring to the twincest relationship falling apart. The way they truncated the scene of Jaime letting Tyrion out of his cell allowed the show to circumvent the beginning of Jaime’s alienation from Cersei, and his spending all of S5 in Dorne allowed them to protract the twins’ estrangement even longer. There’s this very well-developed, painstakingly detailed process in the books of Jaime becoming increasingly disgusted with Cersei, that hasn’t even begun on the show. 

Now, I do think that Jaime’s feelings for Cersei are already taking a turn for the worse in the last two episodes of S5, but I get that from watching very carefully. Early S6 is when we’ll get screencap material to illustrate the twins’ love affair turning to shit. That’s an area where the books are still well ahead of the show.