What ARE they building in the Riverlands?

In isolation, either of these reports would be either uninteresting or unconvincing, but together, I think they’re enough to chew on.

Over at Winter today, the showed us this

and asked:

Or perhaps not filming. But if they’re not filming, why is the set still up? Work must be continuing there. The production is always super quick about striking everything the moment they’ve completed in a location.

And on that same note, Irish Thrones is telling us:

This, taken together with the report at Winter, is interesting.

I don’t think they’re filming anything at the Riverrun set today. Probably not this weekend, either. The last we heard from Nikolaj, he appeared not to be anywhere near Northern Ireland. That was Monday. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been filming anything for Game of Thrones this week. Same thing with Gwen; she seems a bit busy with promoting Mockingjay Part 2. If they’re not filming Riverrun scenes, Jerome Flynn and Daniel Portman are probably not, either.

Taken together, looks like they’re not filming anything at Riverrun right now, and they’re adding to the set, not taking it apart. The red tents haven’t gone anywhere.

Sounds like the siege of Riverrun is a big fucking deal.

I need some more time to think about this.