Game of Speculation: Things That Go Crunch in the Snow

We have some news from Watchers today!

It’s mostly about actors showing up in Belfast. Specifically, we have

Isaac, Maisie, and David Bradley all photographed together, Sophie and Maisie hanging out somewhere else.

And all that doesn’t really tell us anything about what’s happening. As I’ve said before, actors showing up in Belfast isn’t nearly as interesting as actors showing up in basically any other Game of Thrones filming location. Their presence means that Bran, Arya, Sansa and Walder Frey are each in some scenes being filmed indoors around this time. It doesn’t tell us anything about who interacts with whom. I would be so incredibly happy to see a Stark Sisters Reunion in S6, but Sophie and Maisie hanging out together doesn’t tell us anything¬†except that they’re still best friends. It would also be very exciting if Arya showed up and poked holes in Walder Frey, but the fact that they’re both in Belfast at the same time doesn’t really give us anything to support that.

We do have a little bit of speculation fodder that I like, however. It’s a small thing, but it’s not without substance. Look at the tags on this:

If I were a Game of Thrones producer, I’d want my make-up artists NOT to share photos on social media with those tags. But here we are!

We have a forest setting, with fake snow on the ground, and there’s a prosthetic make-up artist who has some work to do. What could it be?

Yeah, I’ll get the obvious out of the way first.

Michael Jackson enjoys his popcorn in a movie theater.

Michael Jackson enjoys his popcorn in a movie theater.

We see a creepy-looking setting, with some trees, and something about prosthetic make-up, so OF COURSE we get more of the Lady Stoneheart hype. I continue to be unimpressed.

This is also a good fit with a White Walker appearance.

Then again, we had at least one giant who made it south of the Wall in S5. This could be something with Wun Wun in the North.

(Oh, also, too: I discovered today that I’ve been un-blocked on Twitter by Watchers. Nice!)