Smartasses Having Fun On Twitter

A certain B-Fish got this tag started on Twitter today: #ConfessYourSupposedlyUnpopularButActuallyPopularASOIAFOpinion

If you think this resulted in a bunch of smartassed ASoIaF fans stating the blatantly obvious, you’d be right! Some edited highlights:

You know? This kind of thing.

I may have tried to do “Arianne Martell is the stupidest noblewoman in Westeros,” but there wasn’t enough space with that long-ass tag.

Here’s a little exchange:

And then there’s this:

Maybe just a little.

Sometimes I actually DO feel like I’m alone in thinking this way about Arya.

And I’m mildly surprised that I haven’t gotten a bunch of Twincest advocates protesting in my Twitter mentions…yet.

Should’ve left her in the river, Beric!

Just a sneaky feeling…

Oddly enough, I think there are a lot of fans who’ve missed the part where Littlefinger is a creepy mofo who maneuvers Sansa into dangerous situations and sexually abuses her every chance he gets.