Observation of the Day

I’d like to say my taste in Game of Thrones filming news is really high-brow, and I care about what’s happening rather than who’s being cast, but really I’m just as frivolous as everyone else. Yeah, I really am. Ask how I react whenever a picture of NCW out of costume shows up in my Twitter feed. Better yet, don’t ask. There’s plenty of ridiculousness to go around.

So, with that in mind, I have no right to feel superior when other fans want to know things like what roles certain actors will be playing.

We still don’t know what Ian McShane’s role will be.

We have casting for Randyll Tarly and Euron Greyjoy, and we seem to be getting a handful of new actors, mostly hot young guys, practically every day. We still don’t have an actor to attach to Elder Meribald (that’s what I’m calling Mr. Gruff Priest until further notice) or to present-tense Howland Reed, though. So, we still have no idea.