Working on my Death List

I won’t show you the Death List I’ve made so far for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, because you’ll think my methodology is basically, “throw shit at the wall and trust that D&D will get some of them,” because it kind of is.

That said, my Death List covered nearly all the deaths of named characters in S5. There was just one that came as a surprise.

I didn’t see Barristan Selmy’s death coming. That one was a shock. (Hence my railing about “D&D are a pair of filthy bastards” at the time.)

The rest, I either predicted or didn’t find all that surprising. The unknown factors were mostly circumstances. Like, I didn’t see it coming that Selyse would commit suicide, but she was on the Death List.

So, out of all the names I’m stacking up on my current list of characters who could die this season, there’ll probably be at least one glaring omission.