Game of Speculation: I’m not a very nice person.

Winter shows us today how to derive maximum tin-foil innuendo from minimum social media material.

Like so:

Okay, back to Champ. The actor had a Twitter interaction within the last day that raised a few eyebrows. First, a couple disclaimers: 1) The interaction is fairly minor and could very well mean nothing, but it’s been a crazy couple of days for wild spoilers, so we’re gonna lean in; and 2) If this interaction implies what it seems to imply, it would constitute SPOILERS. Proceed with caution. Here’s the tweet in question:

The interaction is fairly minor and could very well mean nothing, but LET’S GET HYPE, EVERYONE.

See? I’m not so nice.

“Say hello to Paul Kaye!” Note that Ricky Champ favorited this tweet, which could indicate his agreement with it. Paul Kaye, for those who may have forgotten, is the actor who played born-again red priest Thoros of Myr back in Season 3. He’s the guy who resurrected Beric Dondarrion after the Hound killed him. Melisandre was pretty impressed by that, which has interesting implications if she’s about to try a resurrection of her own…

Dude Favorited pretty much every Tweet in reply to his. Favoriting Tweets can mean a lot of things. A Favorite can function like a bookmark, so you can go back and find a Tweet later. Or it can be a little hello, or a thank-you, or a teensy interaction to encourage your followers to keep coming back. It doesn’t mean he’s going to film with Paul Kaye.

That said, however, I’m totally on-board with Thoros coming back. Melisandre might need to ask him for advice in resurrecting a certain Northern bastard. That’s not really telling us anything new and exciting.

If Thoros is back, and there’s definitely a big “if” involved here, it implies some extremely interesting things. In the books, Thoros belongs to the Brotherhood Without Banners, a band of do-gooding outlaws who have resorted for seedier practices by this point in the story. Could the outlaw band we’ve been hearing about since casting calls surfaced four months ago be the new and (un)improved Brotherhood Without Banners? And if that’s true, does that mean we’ll meet their leader? I’ll just let book-readers draw the natural conclusion there.

If Thoros is back (and I’m not surprised if he is), it implies that he may be involved in Jon’s resurrection. I assume that the outlaw band is the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and if Thoros is still running around with them, for narrative purposes that’s because Melisandre needs to know where to find him when she wants to know how to resurrect a young man with a chest full of dagger-holes. If we’re getting the BWB, their leader could be any one of a number of known or unknown characters, and they could be doing any combination of a wide range of shitty things to the Riverlands.

“I’ll just let book-readers draw the natural conclusion there” = LADY STONEHEART. GET HYPE.

Michael Jackson enjoys his popcorn in a movie theater.

Michael Jackson enjoys his popcorn in a movie theater.

There is not a big enough eye-roll in the world.