I am a disgruntled Monster

First off, I finished reading the new Cormoran Strike novel today during lunch, and HOLY FUCK, I AM NOT AMUSED. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before at the end of anything written by JK Rowling. She’s managed to get on my nerves. I like the detective story aspect, but the romantic subplot is frankly pissing me off. It’s not just the ending. The romance aspect became annoying about mid-early-book and stayed that way.

In better news, though! Someone working for HBO is either serving up whoppers to the editors at Winter is Coming, or about to lose their job!

There are really meaty spoilers over there today concerning Riverrun and that big battle in the North. Kind of edging into the territory in which even I am not entirely sure I want to know what’s happening. I’ll write more thoughtfully on the matter when I get home this evening. I can’t fucking do it right now because EVERYONE is crowding into my workroom today and I can’t get a quiet moment to think.

It’s kind of funny how the comment section is full of people arguing with the spoilers. And since it’s Winter rather than Watchers, I’m not entirely sure to what extent I believe them, but there are some GORGEOUS photographs to go with the story.