Follow-Up on Snark

Regarding last post: take a look at this article by Dan Selcke at Winter is Coming, supposedly making a case for TV!LSH being not-impossible, as an example. This is the sum total of what I see used as evidence for Lady Stoneheart appearing on the show: “Riverlands exist! Therefore Stoneheart!”

Meanwhile, I’ve made a minor hobby of analyzing the ways the show has handled some storylines differently from the books. Some characters have been cut. Sometimes the differences don’t entirely make sense, but that’s what they filmed. There are plenty of ways the Game of Thrones writers could handle a return to the Riverlands, and a follow-up on the Freys, without inflicting Undead Catelyn Stark on us. All the context around her presence in the books has already been changed to make her unnecessary. The evidence for her TV appearance needs to be better than, “Look! Riverlands!”