Game of Skepticism: Trust But Verify — UPDATED.

Ah, dear. See that super-excited status I posted this morning? I’ve been watching Twitter and the fan sites like a hawk all morning, waiting for corroboration before I got all invested in this “news,” and boy am I glad I waited.

A certain Game of Thrones-related Twitter account, which I believe to be sincere but don’t trust to be accurate, told us this morning (would’ve been around mid-day in the Northern Ireland) that Sophie Turner was filming at the Riverrun set along with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie. If that turned out to be accurate, it would’ve basically made my year, but this Twitter account has a track record of posting super-exciting info that turns out to be bullshit, and there were no photos offered, so I remained skeptical.

Yeah. As it turns out, Sophie was in London as of this morning.

“I’m really excited to be involved with #PowerShift and presenting this new series for HuffPost,” said Turner, announcing the series at parent AOL’s presentation at the IAB Digital Upfronts in London on Tuesday.

Tuesday as in today. So…it’s very unlikely that she was also filming in Corbet today. Unless the report is that she was filming in Corbet a few days ago? Possibly? But seriously. The burden of proof is on those who say she’s been filming scenes at Riverrun. So far, no sign that she’s done so.

(see addendum below)

While we’re on the subject of what Sansa’s up to: someone in some comment section somewhere recently (it’s not in my interest to make this up) said that Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos the Onion Knight) said Sansa has a really great arc in S6. Which suggests, very strongly, that Sansa does interact with Ser Davos at some point. How often do we see a cast member saying that sort of thing about a totally unrelated character? Nah, we don’t.

In what context might that interaction take place? The first answer would be that Sansa goes to the Wall and stays mostly at Castle Black, and that would be a way for her to get stuff done with Ser Davos, but with Jon Snow dead, I’m not even sure how Davos stays at Castle Black. Who would allow Sansa in through the gates? Who would take care of her once she’s inside? Castle Black has some really unpleasant guys in there; remember the ones who tried to rape Gilly? Sansa doesn’t need any more of that in her life. Jon’s dead, Sam’s headed for Oldtown, Maester Aemon’s dead, Stannis and his host are gone, so…is there anyone at all in Castle Black who has both the interest and the authority to host a Stark girl? I can’t think of anyone.

Furthermore, there’s the issue of travel time. Theon is going home to the Iron Islands, which is south and west of Winterfell. The Wall is north. I don’t think Brienne is going to accompany Sansa up to the Wall and then still get back to the Riverlands in time for the siege of Riverrun. Too much travel through too much snow and too much Bolton territory. Of course I still don’t have any proof that Brienne actually becomes Sansa’s protector, but it does answer a lot of questions all at the same time. The most logistically feasible scenario is that the group heads south, Theon splits off for the islands, and they find some Stark allies north of the Neck to host Sansa while she gets her shit together, and Brienne (hopefully with Pod still alive) keeps going south to search for Arya (or something). Meanwhile, Davos is traveling around the North to gather up allies to defeat the Boltons. It is while Davos is making his rounds of the North that he meets up with Sansa.

(See Addendum 2 below)

And now I see the Twitter account claiming that they didn’t say Sophie was filming at Corbet TODAY. Yeah, well, I’m still waiting for photographic evidence or any corroboration at all.

(No, seriously, I’d be happier if Sansa went to the Riverlands with Brienne, but if Liam Cunningham did say that, then she probably doesn’t get that far south.)

And this, fellow Throners, is why I have so far managed not to embarrass myself. I know when not to believe what I want to hear.

Addendum 1: Watchers is on the case, and they’ve brought us new, relevant information on this question.

Initial articles made it appear she was present at the London conference, which would’ve made her filming in Corbet-Banbridge very unlikely. However, later articles and photos showed Turner appeared at the conference only via a video.

We checked in with our own sources to resolve the question, and we’ve learned that there are in fact two Game of Thrones units at Banbridge’s Linen Mill Studios shooting today, on different sets. The studios house more than one filming area, of course. Our sources have confirmed that while Sophie Turner was at the Banbridge studios, she was not filming on the Riverrun set.

Well. That DOES shed some light on the subject. Sue at Watchers was previously telling us that Sophie didn’t have any more GoT filming until at least December. Now it seems she was mistaken. Or possibly misled? If the production can lie about filming locations, I’m sure someone could be lying about certain actors’ filming schedules. From now on, I’ll just assume that all the cast members are filming all the time, unless I have solid evidence of them doing something else.

Anyway. This is the Tweet that got the discussion going today:

Tweet by Irish Thrones:

Tweet by Irish Thrones: Irish S6 locale Corbet-Banbridge, as well as Nikolaj Costerwaldau (Jaime), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), also Sophie Turner (Sansa) on location.

The phrasing implies very strongly that Nikolaj, Gwendoline and Sophie were all filming in the same setting. Turns out the report was not inaccurate, but imprecise. Sure, all three actors may well have been filming something at Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge-Corbet, but not all filming together.

It didn’t help that Irish Thrones responded to questions by moving goalposts and insisting their old Lady Stoneheart rumor is still viable.

Further Tweets by Irish Thrones in the same conversation.

Further Tweets by Irish Thrones in the same conversation.

Seriously, click on the Tweet and look at the discussion that follows. This is why some of us tend to think Irish Thrones is not a reliable news source.

But now we know what’s going on: Reinos has told us very specifically, and Watchers confirmed, that Brienne shows up at Riverrun, but they didn’t mention Sansa. Now we know that Sansa will have scenes filmed close by at the same time, but not in the same setting. When Brienne shows up at Riverrun, she presumably finds Jaime there with his host, but she hasn’t brought Sansa with her. Fine.

You know whose name is conspicuously absent in all this scrambling for answers? Daniel Portman. Nobody has mentioned anything about him filming anything anywhere in Northern Ireland while we’re all flapping our arms about Gwendoline and Sophie. I see some people thinking maybe Pod splits off from Brienne to stay with Sansa, but I doubt it; Brienne and Pod are a team, they need each other, and they know it. If Brienne shows up at Riverrun without Podrick, it’s more likely because Podrick is part of the season’s body count.

Addendum 2: I’ve just thought of another possibility. Sansa and Brienne split up when they run into Ser Davos and his peeps. He offers to help Sansa get her allies together, and Sansa tells Brienne to keep heading south and search for Arya. So then Sansa spends the rest of the season traveling with Davos. Although so far there’s been no sign of Sophie Turner anywhere near the production of the big battle they just finished filming in Saintfield. She may be hiding out inside the nearest non-Bolton-occupied castle.

Addendum 3: Watchers brings us more news! Edmure is coming back! The whole family’s coming to the party!